Aankoop / Purchase Maastricht Heer

Dear Maarten, as an expat family looking for a house we were so lucky to find you! After two years of living in Maastricht, we were looking for a house to buy but as expats, we always encountered some difficulties. From the moment we hired you as our aankoopmakelaar, your purchase advice gave us great support, you helped us understand which area was most suitable for our needs, what problems each house we visited had, focusing on pros and cons for each one, you also greatly helped us to make the right bid and then you referred us to other professionals of the real estate sector. A real teamwork led by you, dear Maarten, that allowed our family to buy the right house here in Maastricht, in a very reasonable time. We highly recommend Maarten to all the expat community, he is really a pro in the real estate market in the city of Maastricht. Thank you so much, we will always be grateful to you.
Simona Meli & Damiano Ricci
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